This is page is all about movie trailers that are for movies coming out soon that I cant wait to see and I think people all over the world want to see them as well.

Rock of Ages:

If you love music than you are going to love this film

released: june 15


If you like movies about the future and shows you what might happen in the future then this is the movie for you. It might hard to watch but it could be a very big eye opener.

Released June 15


The new Disney/Pixar collaboration it will capture the imagination of girls all over the world.

Released June 22

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

This movie looks so interesting based on the title and also the crave of the whole vampire scene right now also it could be much better than you feel it will be.

Released June 20

The Amazing Spider-Man:

The new and improved Spider-Man story that will interest people who love comic books

Released July 3

The Dark Knight Rises:

The third movie in the Christopher Nolan saga and if it is half as good as the second then we are in for one hell of a ride.

Released July 20

The Bourne Legacy:

The latest installment of the Bourne movie series that doesn’t have Matt Damon so should make it interesting because of that, also it has Edward Norton and Jeremy Renner so you know that it could be good and well acted as well.

Released August 13

Total Recall:

A remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger 1990 movie but with Colin Farrell so you know it is going to be good.

Released August 22

The Expendables 2:

If you thought the first one was good you havent seen nothing yet the sequel is bigger, lauder, more explosion and it has everything a guy wants in an action film

Released August 17


The last movie that Whitney Houston has done before she has died so you have to see it maybe to pay tribute to a true legend of the music industry.

Released October 5


The new James Bond movie the cast looks amazing and people are going to line up to see this movie just because it is a James Bond film

Released October 26