One of the best things about going to the movies is that you experience something that you can tell either your friends or other people about. One of these things is that before you die you have to go see a movie in the Imax Theater either in London or any other country that might have it. The good thing is that in a couple of weeks on of the most anticipated Summer movies coming out in the Imax Theater called The Amazing Spider-Man. It showed be a lot of fun and I am sure people will enjoy it.

It is going to be released in the Imax Theater between the 6-19 of July in London England.

Location: 1 Charlie Chaplin Walk, South Bank, Waterloo, London SE1 8XR

To buy Tickets click here.

The ticket prices are between 11.50 up to 20.00 pounds

Another event in the Imax theater that is as big if not bigger than Spider-Man is The Dark Night Rises.

It is getting released in the Imax theater between 20 of July until 28 of August.

To buy tickets click here.

The Tickets are between 11.50 up to 20.00 pounds.