Interview with a great person

This is an interview that I conducted with a person name Aly Hussein. I just wanted to talk to him about movies and what do movies make you feel and why do you watch movies things like that.

Name, age, occupation, and where are you from?

My name is Aly Hussein and I am doing my masters in Law in London and I am from Egypt.

How many times do you go see movies in the cinema?

I try to go almost every week if I have time or if there is a good movie that came out that week.

Do you like to go see a movie alone or with company?

I like to go the cinema with friends to watch movies with them because I like the experience.

What is the last movie you went to?

I went to Prometheus with my older, but I didn’t enjoy it that much for certain reasons.

What was the reason that you didn’t enjoy that particle movie that much?

Well I didn’t like the acting, the story and I felt that it was very big let down because I had a higher exception then what was presented.

What movies are you most looking forward to go see this year?

There are a couple of movies that I really can’t wait to see this year but the one I can’t wait to see is The Dark Night Rises because it is the end of the trilogy and I very much enjoyed the last two that I have to see this one to see how different or how they will end the series.

Do you see any movies at all in the Imax theatre in London or anywhere else?

Yes I do and I try to go more often when there is a good movie on or when I have time.

well thank for you time I hope you enjoyed as much as I did?

No it was my pleasure to do this interview and I can’t wait to read in the future.