The new book adaptation that everyone will enjoy more than Twilight:

For years now there have been movies based on books such as Harry Potter, and the Twilight saga but this movie is very different because it’s setup and the level of material that is presented to the audience. The movie is called The Hunger Games and it is based on a trilogy of books with the same name written by Suzanne Collins and has generated many fans across the world. The casts of the movie are simply amazing, which is a relief because you dont want to disappoint the legions of fans that enjoy the book.

The casts are the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence from the X-Men First class, and you might recognize her from some other films because she is becoming an over night sensation. Josh Hutchenson from the Journey to the center of the Earth, Liam Hensworth form The Last Song, Woody Harelson from lots of movies that I remember watching when i was very young, and the beautiful but unrecognizable in the film Elizabeth Banks from Zach and Miri: make a porno. There are other people in the movie but it will take me all day to mention all of them in one blog this shows you the size of the film.

The movie’s plot s about a post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by war, hunger and other disasters. There is a capital called Panem which is the richest and is surrounded by 12 districts that are not as rich or prestiges as the capital. Every year there is a tournament held that a boy and a girl from each District fight against each district till the death and only one person can survive and the survival will get fame, riches, and food for him his family and the whole district. So we meet the main characters, which are Katniss played Jennifer Lawrence, Peeta played by Josh Hutcherson, Gale played by Liam Hemsworth, and Effie played by Elizabeth Banks. In the movie Katniss volunteers to participate in the Hunger Games instead of her sister because she is too young and she will die if she goes and Peeta as well is picked to participate. Once this happens the movie changes very much because they get to the city of Panem and you the difference between the capital and the district that some of the characters are from. You can see how the game is viewed in the capital like it is a form of entertainment not a fight to death like the participants are feeling. Once the game starts you see the brutality of what the Game has to offer and the problem is that Katniss the main character has everything against her to win the game because of the superior difference between her ability and others ability. So will katniss survie the Hunger Games or will she suffer death and let everyone down in her District or her family.

The movie so far has become one of the biggest movies this year based on the popularity of the book and also because the writer and the director didn’t change too much of the book, which is good. The cast is quite incredible from the minor actors to the main ones everyone really did his job very well and brought to life what the author has written, which all the fans of the book appreciate. Another thing is that I rally enjoyed is the visual effects that shows the difference between District that Katniss lives in, the Capital and then the games itself. I would recommend the movie for people who are a fan of the book and people who have never read or even heard about the book because you will enter it with a clear mind and you might find it very interesting. I have to say what I really enjoyed about the movie is the political aspects that are involved in the movie that I feel relates to many of the things that is happening in today’s world, so I believe that this aspect will make people think very differently about your government or certain situations that are happening around you. Another thing to people who have read the book you might get a bit disappointed because it is not at the same standard as the book is and I felt that after reading the book that there certain things that were missing and that the book is much better than the movie but it didn’t change my opinion about the movie so it shouldn’t change your mind as well.

Here is a trailer to get you excited more:

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