The people to follow on Twitter:

There are certain people if you are interested in movies or reviews of movies then you need to follow them because of their insight and knowledge of what they are talking about.


This is Roger Ebert Twitter name he is a film critic for the Sun Times for many years, he is an expert on what is a good or a bad movie, also he used to have shown just about reviewing movies that had many followers and his reviews is taken seriously by studious, by people all over the world.


This is Rotten Tomatoes it is the Twitter name for a movie site that gives you the latest news, reviews, movies that are coming out soon and other cool info that you need when it comes to movies. So if you are in to movies I would highly recommend visit the site and Follow their posts because they give a very different way of reviewing a movie that I believe people will like.


This is the LA Times movie news it is very popular because of there in-depth movie opinion and They get reviews to movies very simply. Also they talk about not only new movies but also some classic movies that you need to watch before you die, which is essential to any person that very much any one that loves movies.


They are a great Twitter page because they give you not only movie reviews but also some analysis about movies. Also the way it is written is very simple so anyone can understand, also the person seems to have a good understanding of what a good movie is and why you should either go to see it or avoid it.