Sacha Baron Cohen has done it again:

If you have seen Ali G, Borat, and Bruno then you will know who I am talking about he is one of the funniest comedians in the world. He is Sacha Baron Cohan and whether you love him or hate him he is a very funny person. He has a new movie that will either make you die laughing or get offended by what he is presenting on the screen. The movie is called The Dictator and it is all about what is happening in the arab world right now and how they cannot embrace democracy like the western world would like them to do. This is where the movie for some people gets either very funny or very offensive, which Sacha Baron Cohen loves to do.

The movie stars Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris, Oscar winner Ben Kingsley, and John C. Reilly. So these people know how to make us laugh also act pretty well in front of the camera because of their vast experience. Also some of them have lots of laughs inside of them.

The movie takes place in a fictional country in Africa called the Republic of Wadiya where Admiral General Hafez Aladeen played by Sacha baron Cohen rules with an iron fist. He thinks he is right always and would hate if anyone with define him or tell him that what you are doing is wrong. He would kill anyone that would stand up to him or do anything that he doesn’t just like a true Dictator would do. The way that Aladeen is running the country and also him having nuclear weapon capability that he is denying all the time he is very much geting lots of attention from the west like America, and other western countries. He decides to go the UN to address them about these rumors and make everyone like him like his country does. When he goes to America this where everything goes wrong to him, he gets kidnapped by John C. Riley and cuts out his beard so that no one can recognize him in the streets. So this is were he realizes that he cannot keep doing what he used to do because no one knows that he is the Admiral General Aladeen, he tries to go the UN to adress but of course fails in his attempt because he doesn’t look Aladeen. This is where he meets Zoey played by Anna Faris, who is a political activist that is free spirited, full of life, love and believes  in everything that he doesn’t believe in. Zoey thinks that he is a poor person that needs help, but she doesn’t know his true identity so she offers him a job in her store, which he accepts because he doesn’t have a choice. While he working lots of funny stuff happens because of the nature of who is and how is used to do things back in his country and the nature that he still thinks that he is a dictator and he can’t change his philosophy. While he is Zoey he starts to change a bit because he the nature of her and the way she is dealing with people and what she believes in, which is democracy, equality among all human beings. So will he change his ways while staying Zoey or will he go back to his way of being a dictator ruling his country with an iron fist. Also will Zoey figure out that she is staying Admiral General Aladeen that she despise everything that he stands for.

The movie is very funny in the way that Sacha Baron Cohen only knows how to make but there are certain problems within the movie that have to be said so that you might go see it or avoid it. The movie has a certain satirical in it, which might offend many people who feel that he is making fun of either their country, or some political values that you believe. One of the biggest thing to warn is that the movie does have some nudity, some really disgusting scenes that people will not like, so if you are easily disgusted or offend you wont like these scenes at all. I would say that if you are a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen movies, shows or anything that he has done then you defiantly enjoy the film because it follows the same format as his most famous films like Ali G, Borat, and Bruno. So I would highly recommend the film but like I said you might find some of the humor, some scenes that you will not like or tolerate. This movie will make you laugh till you cry and it might leave you would important messages.

Here is a trailer for the movie to get you more excited: