A new kind of fairy tale or a twist on the Snow White story.

The poster for Snow White and the Huntsman

The poster for Snow White and the Huntsman

It is very strange this year Hollywood are very much interested in the Snow White fairy tale because they have a show called once upon a time, then they made movie called Mirror Mirror: The Untold Adventure of Snow White with Julia Roberts and now they have released a different take on Snow White called Snow White and the Huntsman. Snow White and Huntsman is a new movie that you feel will either ignite excitement or disbelief in terms of how they changed the way you would have remembered a fairy tale.

The movie stars some very talented actors and actress some you will recognize and the others you might have heard about in certain movies. The movie stars Kristen Stewart from the Twilight series, Chris Hemsowrth (Thor and the Avengers), and Oscar winner Charlize Theron. These actors are very famous and would get anyone to go see this movie because of their status in Hollywood.

The movie follows the similar format of the fairy tale of what is Snow White but there are a couple of twists and also they try to make more mature to get more older people to go watch the film. The movie has made Charlize Theron a real witch that wants control over everything, also she wants to live forever. She is very beautiful and with her beauty and charm controlled the king’s heart before marrying him then killing to control his kingdom and everything that is involved with his kingdom. She then imprisons Snow White in a tower where she wouldn’t threaten her and see what she can do with her in the near future. We find out that the way the queen keeps her youth and beauty is by draining the beauty from very beautiful women in the kingdom, then the queen discovers that the only way for her to keep her beauty and live forever is to kill Snow White, and take her heart, which she tries to do. The problem is that Snow White escapes in to the dark forest, which no one has ever survived and the queen’s soldiers cannot enter because of how dangerous and difficult it is to locate anyone in it so they need a professional that can find anyone in this forest. So the queen hires the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) who has been in the forest and can find her easily, also he is desperate for money, he agrees to do it for the queen. When the Huntsman goes to hunt Snow White he finds her in the forest but he couldn’t give her to the queen because he feels that she is important and that the queen hasn’t told him the truth or even why he showed kill her, so he decides to protect her instead. While the huntsman and Snow White are together they find some dwarfs who know who Snow White is and what she will do in the kingdom, how she will change everything. This is really where you see the magic of the film because of the graphics, the dialogue between Snow White and the dwarfs, which is truly magical. After we see the dwarfs apear you see the destiny of Snow White and what she will accomplish, which is killing the queen and rescuing her kingdom. With the Huntsman, Snow White has the best aid that can help her fight against the queen but she still needs an army, which she finds who were the people who fought with her father and other people who hate the queen and want to kill her. So will Snow White succeed in her quest to defeat evil and save her kingdom or will the queen succeed and live forever and destroy everyone.

The movie is not bad but I would say that I didn’t enjoy it as much as i thought I would enjoy it because of certain reasons or maybe my expectations were very high that it didn’t meet them. The movie has some amazing special effects that are visually impressive to anyone that like these sorts of things, I believe that will draw lots of people to to see the film just to see those incredible effects. The story is very interesting because ou would have never thought that war and destruction could be associated with Snow White but the way the writer and director did shows that it is possible. The main thing about the film is Chris Hemsworth because he is real bad ass when it comes to fight scenes if he continues in that pace then he could be the next action star of this decade because of his incredible strength, good looks, and amazing body that girls will like. One of the things I was very impressed with was the way Charlize Theron played the queen I felt that she convinced me that she is evil and that she would destroy the world. I think also that the choice to go with Kristin stewart as Snow White was a good choice because of her beauty, her acting was very good and she played the innocent card very well convincing us that she is good in her heart and that she can fight for what she believes. I think that what people will enjoy in the movie is the constant struggle between good and evil and who is going to win, which is the main foundation of a great fairy tale. I would recommend this movie to certain people but don’t get your expectation very high because you might get disappointed. Also I would say that this movie is not really made for kids but more young to adults because of the contant and certain scenes that might not be very good for kids to see it.

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