The Amazing Spider-Man

Most hyped film lives up to its billing:

Last week Columbia Pictures released a reboot to one of the biggest franchise movies in the world, which is Spider-Man. Spider-Man is considered by many people from teenagers to people older as one of the greatest Marvel comics character ever created because of the way Spider-Man character is and how people relate to the character. The reboot to the franchise is very difficult to make because the Spider-Man trilogy was very good and lots of people loved, and also made lots of money so it would be hard for it to do any better.

The movies stars the young talented british actor Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, the super talented young star Emma Stone as Spider-Man love interest Gwen Stacy, Sally Field and Martin Sheen play Peter Parker Aunt and Uncle, the villain is played by Rhys Ifans quite brilliantly as the Lizard. There are more characters but these are the most important but we have to mention as well Dennis Leary who plays Gwen Stacy’s father who is a cop that is chasing Spider-Man because he believes that he is criminal not a hero. The cast are quite incredible even the minor actors do a good job because you still remember them and you see a very big difference between this one and the original Spider-man made in 2002.

The story this time centers around not only Peter Parket getting his incredible powers but also something, which was never touched on in the original film is the parents that leave Peter and make him get raised by his Aunt and Uncle. The major difference between this film and the original one made in 2002 is the love interest. In 2002 Peter love interest is Mary Jane Watson that was viewed as the girl next door but in this movie it is Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson is not even mentioned at all in that movie. The movie focuses more on Peter early childhood having to deal with the lose of his parents, that grow up with his Aunt and Uncle so there is lots of pressure on him because he is smart talented but without any direction of where he wants to go in life. One day while arranging the bassement with his uncle he finds his father’s briefcase that has some clues of what his father and what he used to do and why he disappeared from his life. so he finds a picture of his father with a scientist Dr Curt Connors that has worked with his father so he might help him unlock the mystery of himself and his father. So he goes to where the scientist, which is OsCorp, where his life now changes because he gets bitten by a super spider to make him become Spider-Man. In the beginning he doesn’t know how to use this incredible but there is a situation that makes realize that he is a hero and he needs to save the world or the city. The situation that changes Peter forever is when he sees his Uncle die but what makes him change is that the person that kills his Uncle he could he prevent this from happening because he was robbing the store where he was standing and he did nothing to prevent him from getting away because he thought that the owner was rude to him and he didn’t like him so he didn’t do anything against the thief so he feels responsible because he had the powers to prevent it. He now starts working with Doctor Curt Connors to finish what his father has started also try to help the doctor because the drug could also help the drug who is missing one arm. While working with him he starts to develop his skills to become a superhero that can save everyone but while becoming a hero saving people he becomes wanted by the cops because they believe that he is a criminal not a hero. One day Dr Connors injects himself with the virus that he and Peter have been developing but the problem is that instead of giving him a new arm but it transfers in to a big Lizard that can terrorize the city because if his strength, and other attributes. When the Doctor changes in to his real form he figures out that he wants the whole world or the city to become a perfect creatures or creatures like him. So now not only does Spider-Man has to fight this super villain but also the whole city police force because of the way they view him.

The movie is one of the best movies that has been released this summer so far because of the way it is shoot, the characters, and the way the structure of the film is shown on the screen. One of the things that you notice in the movie is the excellent relationship between Andrew Garfield and Emma  Stone because you can see why they are really love not only in the movie but in real life so it very much translated on the screen. The script is very much excellent it really holds up to the original even people are have said so far that the new Spider-Man is much better than the original because of Andrew’s performance, the way the movie and the talk of his parents makes you very intrigued about what will happen and will Peter discover the truth about his parents. Another that works in the movie are the Aunt and Uncle the way they talk or try to teach Peter to become a better a person and that will shape him in to becoming the hero we want him to be. One of the things that very much distinguishes this Spider-Man than the original are two things first of all Spider-Man costume and the other thing is his sense of humor which I believe people very much enjoyed and makes the character much more seem human or like us. Another thing that is very different is that in this movie Peter is very much skateboarder that uses his skateboards to move around and even train, which is very important. The biggest recommendation that you should do to watch this movie is that you have to watch it in Imax theater for not only the quality of the screen but also the quality of theater it self, it makes a lot of difference watching it in this type of theater because of the whole experience. Another thing that has to be said is that don’t leave the cinema when the movie finished wait for the credits because there is a very important scene that will revile a lot about what might happend in the next movie when they decide to make. SO I would recommend that people go see it because you wont get disappointed by anything that is in it and you will walk out not disappointed at all because it fulfills all your basic needs of a good summer movie should be.

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Rock of Ages

Tom Cruise proves that he is ageless:

On June 15  a new musical has arrived on the big screen starring Tom Cruise, which is strange because you have never imagined that Tom Cruise is doing a musical. The movie is all about the rock scene in the 80s, not only the music but also the cloth and other things that is related to the 80s. The music is all from Def Lepard, Bon Jovi, Gun N’ Roses, Twisted Sister, Foreigner, Journey, Poison, Whitesnake, and other singers. The movie is based on a big Broadway musical play that has been successful for years now.

The movie stars Diego Boneto, Julianne Hough (Ryan Secret’s girlfriend), comedian Russel Brand from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Alec Baldwin from 30 Rock, Oscar Winner Catherine Zeta Jones, and Tom Cruise. This cast can make any movie a success and we all now that they have some music experience.

The movie is set in Los Angeles in 1987 when rock was as big it will ever be. The movie centers around the Bourbon room that has hit by some financial problems so it needs a performance by Stacey Jaxx who is like a god in the rock music stage. The problem is that Stacey is not the same like he has been a very long time so you don’t know if he can do a performance like he used to do a long time. Also he has to do an interview with Rolling Stones about his new career path and how he wants to change and of course how big he is in the wold of Rock and Roll. Another part of the movie you Drew who wants to be Stacey Jaxx and he is a Rock star that wants to hit it big and the only way he can do that is if he makes a good performance in the Bourbon room as well. Drew has a very good-looking girlfriend that is helping achieve his dream named Sherrie she works in the Bourbon room as a waitress but has dreams of becoming a singer so she wants to help Matt so that she as well  can realize her dream. So the movie centers on dreams on whether or not any of the characters can achieve this. Also we have to see if Stacey Jaxx can save the Bourbon room or not.

What I really enjoyed about the movie are the music because they are quite amazing when you think about it. The music is the center of the movie, and that part works perfectly in my opinion because I truly love these songs that I grow up hearing. What i was particularly surprised by was Tom Cruise’s performance because you would have never thought that Tom Cruise has any musical ability, but what is strange he does. His performance was very incredible, he really made me and other people believe that he is a rock star. The thing that I believe is bad about the film is that it doesn’t work because with this type of music you need either a concert or a play, because when you hear the music you either want to dance or sing to it and you can’t do that in a cinema. I am sure that the play is much better, because of this so in that sense the movie fails to capture the essence of what a real performance should be. The final reason the movie fails is because of the crowd you feel that you want to dance and sing but you are so limited because you don’t want to bother the people around you. So I would say skip this movie unless you want to hear these songs or see Tom Cruises’ performance, which was special.

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Interview with Aly Hussein

Interview with a great person

This is an interview that I conducted with a person name Aly Hussein. I just wanted to talk to him about movies and what do movies make you feel and why do you watch movies things like that.

Name, age, occupation, and where are you from?

My name is Aly Hussein and I am doing my masters in Law in London and I am from Egypt.

How many times do you go see movies in the cinema?

I try to go almost every week if I have time or if there is a good movie that came out that week.

Do you like to go see a movie alone or with company?

I like to go the cinema with friends to watch movies with them because I like the experience.

What is the last movie you went to?

I went to Prometheus with my older, but I didn’t enjoy it that much for certain reasons.

What was the reason that you didn’t enjoy that particle movie that much?

Well I didn’t like the acting, the story and I felt that it was very big let down because I had a higher exception then what was presented.

What movies are you most looking forward to go see this year?

There are a couple of movies that I really can’t wait to see this year but the one I can’t wait to see is The Dark Night Rises because it is the end of the trilogy and I very much enjoyed the last two that I have to see this one to see how different or how they will end the series.

Do you see any movies at all in the Imax theatre in London or anywhere else?

Yes I do and I try to go more often when there is a good movie on or when I have time.

well thank for you time I hope you enjoyed as much as I did?

No it was my pleasure to do this interview and I can’t wait to read in the future.

People to Follow on Twitter about movie reviews

The people to follow on Twitter:

There are certain people if you are interested in movies or reviews of movies then you need to follow them because of their insight and knowledge of what they are talking about.


This is Roger Ebert Twitter name he is a film critic for the Sun Times for many years, he is an expert on what is a good or a bad movie, also he used to have shown just about reviewing movies that had many followers and his reviews is taken seriously by studious, by people all over the world.


This is Rotten Tomatoes it is the Twitter name for a movie site that gives you the latest news, reviews, movies that are coming out soon and other cool info that you need when it comes to movies. So if you are in to movies I would highly recommend visit the site and Follow their posts because they give a very different way of reviewing a movie that I believe people will like.


This is the LA Times movie news it is very popular because of there in-depth movie opinion and They get reviews to movies very simply. Also they talk about not only new movies but also some classic movies that you need to watch before you die, which is essential to any person that very much any one that loves movies.


They are a great Twitter page because they give you not only movie reviews but also some analysis about movies. Also the way it is written is very simple so anyone can understand, also the person seems to have a good understanding of what a good movie is and why you should either go to see it or avoid it.

The Hunger Games

The new book adaptation that everyone will enjoy more than Twilight:

For years now there have been movies based on books such as Harry Potter, and the Twilight saga but this movie is very different because it’s setup and the level of material that is presented to the audience. The movie is called The Hunger Games and it is based on a trilogy of books with the same name written by Suzanne Collins and has generated many fans across the world. The casts of the movie are simply amazing, which is a relief because you dont want to disappoint the legions of fans that enjoy the book.

The casts are the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence from the X-Men First class, and you might recognize her from some other films because she is becoming an over night sensation. Josh Hutchenson from the Journey to the center of the Earth, Liam Hensworth form The Last Song, Woody Harelson from lots of movies that I remember watching when i was very young, and the beautiful but unrecognizable in the film Elizabeth Banks from Zach and Miri: make a porno. There are other people in the movie but it will take me all day to mention all of them in one blog this shows you the size of the film.

The movie’s plot s about a post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by war, hunger and other disasters. There is a capital called Panem which is the richest and is surrounded by 12 districts that are not as rich or prestiges as the capital. Every year there is a tournament held that a boy and a girl from each District fight against each district till the death and only one person can survive and the survival will get fame, riches, and food for him his family and the whole district. So we meet the main characters, which are Katniss played Jennifer Lawrence, Peeta played by Josh Hutcherson, Gale played by Liam Hemsworth, and Effie played by Elizabeth Banks. In the movie Katniss volunteers to participate in the Hunger Games instead of her sister because she is too young and she will die if she goes and Peeta as well is picked to participate. Once this happens the movie changes very much because they get to the city of Panem and you the difference between the capital and the district that some of the characters are from. You can see how the game is viewed in the capital like it is a form of entertainment not a fight to death like the participants are feeling. Once the game starts you see the brutality of what the Game has to offer and the problem is that Katniss the main character has everything against her to win the game because of the superior difference between her ability and others ability. So will katniss survie the Hunger Games or will she suffer death and let everyone down in her District or her family.

The movie so far has become one of the biggest movies this year based on the popularity of the book and also because the writer and the director didn’t change too much of the book, which is good. The cast is quite incredible from the minor actors to the main ones everyone really did his job very well and brought to life what the author has written, which all the fans of the book appreciate. Another thing is that I rally enjoyed is the visual effects that shows the difference between District that Katniss lives in, the Capital and then the games itself. I would recommend the movie for people who are a fan of the book and people who have never read or even heard about the book because you will enter it with a clear mind and you might find it very interesting. I have to say what I really enjoyed about the movie is the political aspects that are involved in the movie that I feel relates to many of the things that is happening in today’s world, so I believe that this aspect will make people think very differently about your government or certain situations that are happening around you. Another thing to people who have read the book you might get a bit disappointed because it is not at the same standard as the book is and I felt that after reading the book that there certain things that were missing and that the book is much better than the movie but it didn’t change my opinion about the movie so it shouldn’t change your mind as well.

Here is a trailer to get you excited more:

Here is a link with more information about the movie and other cool stuff. 

The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen has done it again:

If you have seen Ali G, Borat, and Bruno then you will know who I am talking about he is one of the funniest comedians in the world. He is Sacha Baron Cohan and whether you love him or hate him he is a very funny person. He has a new movie that will either make you die laughing or get offended by what he is presenting on the screen. The movie is called The Dictator and it is all about what is happening in the arab world right now and how they cannot embrace democracy like the western world would like them to do. This is where the movie for some people gets either very funny or very offensive, which Sacha Baron Cohen loves to do.

The movie stars Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris, Oscar winner Ben Kingsley, and John C. Reilly. So these people know how to make us laugh also act pretty well in front of the camera because of their vast experience. Also some of them have lots of laughs inside of them.

The movie takes place in a fictional country in Africa called the Republic of Wadiya where Admiral General Hafez Aladeen played by Sacha baron Cohen rules with an iron fist. He thinks he is right always and would hate if anyone with define him or tell him that what you are doing is wrong. He would kill anyone that would stand up to him or do anything that he doesn’t just like a true Dictator would do. The way that Aladeen is running the country and also him having nuclear weapon capability that he is denying all the time he is very much geting lots of attention from the west like America, and other western countries. He decides to go the UN to address them about these rumors and make everyone like him like his country does. When he goes to America this where everything goes wrong to him, he gets kidnapped by John C. Riley and cuts out his beard so that no one can recognize him in the streets. So this is were he realizes that he cannot keep doing what he used to do because no one knows that he is the Admiral General Aladeen, he tries to go the UN to adress but of course fails in his attempt because he doesn’t look Aladeen. This is where he meets Zoey played by Anna Faris, who is a political activist that is free spirited, full of life, love and believes  in everything that he doesn’t believe in. Zoey thinks that he is a poor person that needs help, but she doesn’t know his true identity so she offers him a job in her store, which he accepts because he doesn’t have a choice. While he working lots of funny stuff happens because of the nature of who is and how is used to do things back in his country and the nature that he still thinks that he is a dictator and he can’t change his philosophy. While he is Zoey he starts to change a bit because he the nature of her and the way she is dealing with people and what she believes in, which is democracy, equality among all human beings. So will he change his ways while staying Zoey or will he go back to his way of being a dictator ruling his country with an iron fist. Also will Zoey figure out that she is staying Admiral General Aladeen that she despise everything that he stands for.

The movie is very funny in the way that Sacha Baron Cohen only knows how to make but there are certain problems within the movie that have to be said so that you might go see it or avoid it. The movie has a certain satirical in it, which might offend many people who feel that he is making fun of either their country, or some political values that you believe. One of the biggest thing to warn is that the movie does have some nudity, some really disgusting scenes that people will not like, so if you are easily disgusted or offend you wont like these scenes at all. I would say that if you are a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen movies, shows or anything that he has done then you defiantly enjoy the film because it follows the same format as his most famous films like Ali G, Borat, and Bruno. So I would highly recommend the film but like I said you might find some of the humor, some scenes that you will not like or tolerate. This movie will make you laugh till you cry and it might leave you would important messages.

Here is a trailer for the movie to get you more excited:

Snow White and the Huntsman

A new kind of fairy tale or a twist on the Snow White story.

The poster for Snow White and the Huntsman

The poster for Snow White and the Huntsman

It is very strange this year Hollywood are very much interested in the Snow White fairy tale because they have a show called once upon a time, then they made movie called Mirror Mirror: The Untold Adventure of Snow White with Julia Roberts and now they have released a different take on Snow White called Snow White and the Huntsman. Snow White and Huntsman is a new movie that you feel will either ignite excitement or disbelief in terms of how they changed the way you would have remembered a fairy tale.

The movie stars some very talented actors and actress some you will recognize and the others you might have heard about in certain movies. The movie stars Kristen Stewart from the Twilight series, Chris Hemsowrth (Thor and the Avengers), and Oscar winner Charlize Theron. These actors are very famous and would get anyone to go see this movie because of their status in Hollywood.

The movie follows the similar format of the fairy tale of what is Snow White but there are a couple of twists and also they try to make more mature to get more older people to go watch the film. The movie has made Charlize Theron a real witch that wants control over everything, also she wants to live forever. She is very beautiful and with her beauty and charm controlled the king’s heart before marrying him then killing to control his kingdom and everything that is involved with his kingdom. She then imprisons Snow White in a tower where she wouldn’t threaten her and see what she can do with her in the near future. We find out that the way the queen keeps her youth and beauty is by draining the beauty from very beautiful women in the kingdom, then the queen discovers that the only way for her to keep her beauty and live forever is to kill Snow White, and take her heart, which she tries to do. The problem is that Snow White escapes in to the dark forest, which no one has ever survived and the queen’s soldiers cannot enter because of how dangerous and difficult it is to locate anyone in it so they need a professional that can find anyone in this forest. So the queen hires the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) who has been in the forest and can find her easily, also he is desperate for money, he agrees to do it for the queen. When the Huntsman goes to hunt Snow White he finds her in the forest but he couldn’t give her to the queen because he feels that she is important and that the queen hasn’t told him the truth or even why he showed kill her, so he decides to protect her instead. While the huntsman and Snow White are together they find some dwarfs who know who Snow White is and what she will do in the kingdom, how she will change everything. This is really where you see the magic of the film because of the graphics, the dialogue between Snow White and the dwarfs, which is truly magical. After we see the dwarfs apear you see the destiny of Snow White and what she will accomplish, which is killing the queen and rescuing her kingdom. With the Huntsman, Snow White has the best aid that can help her fight against the queen but she still needs an army, which she finds who were the people who fought with her father and other people who hate the queen and want to kill her. So will Snow White succeed in her quest to defeat evil and save her kingdom or will the queen succeed and live forever and destroy everyone.

The movie is not bad but I would say that I didn’t enjoy it as much as i thought I would enjoy it because of certain reasons or maybe my expectations were very high that it didn’t meet them. The movie has some amazing special effects that are visually impressive to anyone that like these sorts of things, I believe that will draw lots of people to to see the film just to see those incredible effects. The story is very interesting because ou would have never thought that war and destruction could be associated with Snow White but the way the writer and director did shows that it is possible. The main thing about the film is Chris Hemsworth because he is real bad ass when it comes to fight scenes if he continues in that pace then he could be the next action star of this decade because of his incredible strength, good looks, and amazing body that girls will like. One of the things I was very impressed with was the way Charlize Theron played the queen I felt that she convinced me that she is evil and that she would destroy the world. I think also that the choice to go with Kristin stewart as Snow White was a good choice because of her beauty, her acting was very good and she played the innocent card very well convincing us that she is good in her heart and that she can fight for what she believes. I think that what people will enjoy in the movie is the constant struggle between good and evil and who is going to win, which is the main foundation of a great fairy tale. I would recommend this movie to certain people but don’t get your expectation very high because you might get disappointed. Also I would say that this movie is not really made for kids but more young to adults because of the contant and certain scenes that might not be very good for kids to see it.

Here is a trailer to get you excited about the movie:

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The new science fiction movie that might be a classic in the future.


In search of our beginning could lead to our end

Yesterday me and my brother went to see the new Ridely Scott movie called Prometheus. I was very much looking forward because watching the trailer reminded me very much of this classic movie that I used to love called Aliens. The movie is very much not for the faint of heart, also I am not sure that certain people should go and watch it because of the content that is in the movie.

The movie stars Oscar winner Charlize Theron, the new German sensation Michael Fassbender, Swedish sensation that you might recognize from the Girl with the Dragon Tatto Noomi Rapce, Iris Elba, Guy Pearce, and Logan Marshall-Green. this shows that the cast is very diverse and quite good because of the wide movies that they have done over the years. One of the reasons that will make people watch this movie has to be the cast because you will find an actor or actress that you will like or recognize.

The movie is set in the future where man has perfected space travel and can travel to any galaxy they desire. the move starts with Noomi Rapace and Loogan Marshall-Green discover some ancient graffiti that hints at that Aliens always existed and that they have been influencing some of the greatest civilizations in the world, leaving hints and clues for us to know about them. They get the coordinates by doing some research and give it to Charlize Theron ship Prometheus to fly them to the planet to search for answers. Using the crew that is of Charlize Theron ship like Michael Fassbender who is very helpful. When they get to the planet they are supposed to all sorts of things happen that you feel like all is not right in this planet. We don’t find out what is happening exactly because of the mysterious nature that Ridelly Scott always likes to do in his films like he did with Aliens, which is another science fiction classic movie.Noomi Rapace is leading the search with her husband with the rest of the crew of Prometheus to find out about how are theses aliens related to our past and how they influenced it and maybe shaped. This where everything goes wrong because you feel that with them discovering our past it will ruin our future because you never want to mass with the past. The movie has unbelievable ending that i cant mention because I don’t want to ruin it but I believe that the ending has more questions than answers but i am sure people will enjoy it.

I would say the cast are great, that make the experience of seeing it very good. The story as well is very good and very interesting but not the newest idea but it is still works because of the way it is written. You can watch the movie in both 3rd and regular I would suggest not watching it in 3rd because there is no point of doing that because I felt when I watched it in 3rd that there was no difference or need to pay more to watch it in 3rd. I would very much suggest watching this movie but like I said I am not sure if certain people can see it because it has some scenes that are bit gory, and has very scary scenes that certain people will not appreciate. The movie works well in the genre that it is supposed to be because of the director and the way it was. In the end I would say go watch it I am sure that no one will regret it when you watch it especially to see how it plans out and the ending especially.

Here is a trailer of the movie that could get you excited to go see it more:

Here is a link for the movie with interesting facts and figures about the film 

the Avengers

Summer has started early:

Avengers Assemble Poster

When Summer starts you are always looking forward to the next blockbuster that will come out and either impress or ruin your week. the first movie of the Summer is Avengers Assemble which stars Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Evans(Captain America), Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), and Samuel L. Jackson (Agent Furry). The cast as you can see is pretty big and if you are a big comic book fan you will enjoy it because these characters have been featured in movies and comic books for over twenty years. the way the movie has been built is that they have been teasing us for about five years almost when they made the first Iron Man and they give us a hint that they will make the Avengers so they kept making movies like Thor, The Hulk and Captain America to give us hints on how this movie will appear. The movie is all about a team of superheroes that team together to save the world against Loki the Demi God. The movie has some amazing dialogue between the characters especially Robert Downey Jr because of the character that is Tony Stark or as Iron Man without him the movie would really be ruined. The best thing about the movie are the fight scenes between the characters also between the different superheroes because this what a lot people have entered the movie to see. The last thing that makes the movie is the constant struggle between good and evil so you want to know how it will end and who will win in the end

Here is a trailer of the movie to get you more excited of the movie and maybe get you to see it.

Here is a link with facts and figures about the film

Movie world

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